Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Whakaari-White Island criminal trial expected to take 16 weeks

The trial for those parties facing WorkSafe New Zealand charges related to the Whakaari-White Island disaster will begin in the Auckland District Court on 10 July.

There are nine defendants for trial, and two defendants who have pleaded guilty and who are awaiting sentencing, the Ministry of Justice announced today.

The judge-alone trial is being held at the Specialist Courts and Tribunals Centre at 41 Federal Street.

A livestream of the trial is available, but only for certain participants including, defendants, lawyers, survivors and victims and their families and accredited media.

The Whakatāne community can view a livestream of the trial at Acacia House, 19 Louvain Street. There will be a 10-minute delay to the livestream. On the first day of the trial, Acacia House will open its doors at 2:00pm and the trial will begin at 2:15pm. The opening and closing hours of Acacia House will depend on the trial schedule. For the latest information on court proceedings and the livestream, please visit the Hearings website. 

No registration is required, but people viewing the livestream at Acacia House must observe standard court protocol for a trial of this nature. This means cameras and recording devices are not to be used, phones must be turned off and all directions of court staff must be followed. You should also be aware that space will be limited. 

The trial is expected to last 16 weeks.

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