Saturday, June 15, 2024

Whanganui counting on roads policy review

Whanganui District Council is seeking community feedback on a review of its Road Naming and Numbering Policy.

A pre-engagement survey that closed in August last year gathered initial feedback and provided insights on ways the policy could be improved. 

The council’s principal policy planner, Justin Walters says the review aims to enhance the existing policy by incorporating community input to ensure a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to road naming and numbering in our district.

“The council’s Road Naming and Numbering Policy provides a guideline for the consistent naming and numbering of roads within the district.”

“As part of the review, we’ve identified opportunities to build on the policy by confirming appropriate themes for road names, establishing a formal road naming panel, and by including the ability to name parks,” Mr Walters says.

The current criteria for naming roads are:

  • a traditional or appropriate Māori name;
  • an historical person or event;
  • significant geographical or topographical features;
  • the personal name of someone who has given special service to the community.

Community feedback has suggested that names of native flora and fauna also be included as a naming option. Other proposed changes to the existing policy are the formalisation of a road naming panel, and the provision to name parks.

“Officially including the naming panel in the policy will let the panel make decisions on new or unformed roads, as well as make recommendations to the council on the renaming of existing roads or the naming of parks,” said Mr Walters.

“The panel also provides a forum for the community, Iwi and developers to provide feedback on the naming of roads.”

Consultation on proposed changes to the council’s Road Naming and Numbering Policy is open until midnight on Sunday, 10 March 2024.

For more information, including how to make a submission, click here.

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