Sunday, April 14, 2024

Whitianga to rock on with Kiwi acts

Thames Coromandel District Council has confirmed that three well-loved Kiwi music acts – The Jordan Luck Band, Stellar and Hello Sailor – will be performing at the Summer Concert in Whitianga on Sunday 31 January in place of several Australia-based groups that were forced to cancel due to COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions.

The Kiwi Bands will be joining Gin Wigmore and Dragon for the tour, that includes stops in Taupō and Queenstown. 

Greenstone Entertainment, promotors of the Summer Concert Tour, announced that due to the changing situation in Australia, The Angels, Pseudo Echo, and MI-SEX, are no longer able to come across to New Zealand but are committed to performing at the Summer Concert Tour in future years.

“We’re sending them our best wishes and completely understand that their health, safety, and wellbeing must take priority in these unprecedented times,” Greenstone Entertainment said on Thames Coromandel District Council’s website. 

“As a country, we have all done an exceptional job to get us to the point of being able to enjoy live music once again. We are grateful to be in the unique position of being able to get together with family and friends and enjoy the incredible lineup of artists in three of New Zealand’s most popular holiday locations, Queenstown, Taupo, and Whitianga,” Greenstone says. 

If you have any questions, please head to the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Greenstone Entertainment website.

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