Thursday, July 18, 2024

Wildflower trial for Christchurch park

A corner of Christchurch’s North Hagley Park has been planted with wildflowers to help boost the city’s bee population.

A 1,200 square metre area near Carlton Corner is now home to an array of beautiful wild flowers that are helping to attract bees by providing a pollen-rich gathering ground.

Christchurch City Council Head of Parks, Andrew Rutledge says the flowers are being used as a trial to understand what would be involved in establishing wildflowers across community parks throughout the city.

“There are certain species and colours of wildflowers that we have used that are specifically designed to attract bees. These plantings are not only going to help increase our vital bee populations, but wildflowers are also a great way of decreasing our spraying and developing an alternative to mowing,” Mr Rutledge says.

“While the plantings may attract bees and potentially reduce carbon emissions, by limiting mowing  they are also pretty stunning to look at and people are encouraged  to use the walkways that have been set up to enjoy the flowers.

“Once we have been through a full cycle of the four seasons we will have a much better understanding of the viability of this approach.”

The wildflowers were planted in mid-November, and include a wide variety of wildflower types. Some of the most visible are the three varieties of sunflowers (Moulin Rouge, Sunrich and Procut White).

“If the trial is successful we will expand the plantings in Hagley Park as well as identify sites across the city that may suit this approach year on year,” Mr Rutledge said.

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