Monday, April 22, 2024

Workplace safety minister headed to Bali Process

Associate Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety, Priyanca Radhakrishnan, will lead the New Zealand delegation at the Eighth Bali Process Ministerial Conference tomorrow.

Minister Radhakrishnan will join other Ministers and business leaders from the Indo-Pacific region to promote international cooperation in the global fight against people smuggling and trafficking in persons.

“Aotearoa New Zealand is a proud and active member of the Bali Process, and acknowledges the important role this forum plays in addressing people smuggling, trafficking in persons, and related transnational crime,” Ms Radhakrishnan said.

“We remain firmly committed to working with international partners on these complex challenges.

“The global fight against trafficking requires international cooperation. Yesterday’s successful significant drug seizure, Operation Hydro, demonstrates the importance of our relationships and how Aotearoa New Zealand works effectively with others to reduce the impact of transnational crime globally.

“As one of the original members of the Bali Process, we remain committed to open dialogue, information sharing and practical cooperation to address shared irregular migration challenges.”

The Minister said Aotearoa New Zealand’s effort includes steps to address worker exploitation and modern slavery, both domestically and internationally.

The meeting will also be attended by business leaders, who will participate in the Bali Process Government and Business Forum. This includes New Zealand business representative, Gareth Marriott.

“So much more can be achieved when government and business work together. Businesses have the power to influence change within supply chains, to drive up standards, and remove the profitability of trafficking and slavery,” Ms Radhakrishnan said.

“I am looking forward to connecting with business leaders on these complex challenges,” she said.

Minister Radhakrishnan will travel to Adelaide, Australia, to attend the Ministerial Meeting tomorrow (10 Feb), as well as meeting bilaterally with Ministerial counterparts. 

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