Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Wrecking ball waits in wings for Hamilton theatre

The final act of Hamilton’s Founders Theatre remains waiting in the wings, with Hamilton City Council voting to pause demolition plans for the building.

A motion to request the site be included as part of a central city community facilities business case was adopted at this week’s meeting of Council.

“This means the transformation of the Founders Theatre site, approved at 2021-31 Long-Term Plan, is on hold until the report is considered by the newly elected Council in March 2023,” Council said in a statement.

“Founders Theatre will join the Celebrating Age Centre and Norris Ward Park locations in the scope of the central city community facilities report.

“The report will work with community stakeholders to clarify the need, identify and analyse solutions and site options for the possible development of a community hub in a central city location,” it said.

Hamilton Mayor, Paula Southgate and Councillors Gallagher, Pascoe, O’Leary, Macpherson, van Oosten, Wilson and Thomson voted for the amendment, while Deputy Mayor, Geoff Taylor and Councillors Bunting, Hamilton, Naidoo-Rauf and Donovan voted against it.

Cr Angela O’Leary said previous consultations on the theatre’s future did not include options for repurposing the building, meaning the city didn’t “have a mandate from the community” for its demolition.

She said repurposing the building would align with Council’s climate change goals to reuse and repurpose.

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