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ANZSOG: Working towards strategic leadership

Towards Strategic Leadership

ANZSOG’s Towards Strategic Leadership (TSL) is a unique online program tailored to prepare leaders for the exceptional challenges facing the public sector today.

Innovative and respected program co-directors Paul ‘t Hart and Robbie Macpherson create a dynamic forum ideal for senior public sector professionals, such as Directors and Branch Managers, and those who are in the process of moving from tactical to strategic leadership roles.  

Participants walk away with a renewed strategic outlook, political astuteness, personal resilience and the capacity to reflect, collaborate, lead and learn continuously. TSL is specifically designed to meet the needs of senior public servants and to provide participants with the opportunity to reflect, learn and grow to be able to carry out their roles with clarity, wisdom and energy.

Participants will leave the program with a defined sense of purpose, a stronger sense of self and the ability to recognise and manage urgent and important tasks within their organisation and the public sector more broadly.

“The TSL program was perfect to help me learn more about what I needed to build on to move into broader leadership roles. I think the program is amazing. I took away the confidence to face novel and complex problems and to deal with issues that are not in my usual comfort zone,” ILANA MILLAR – Senior Tax Counsel, Australian Taxation Office

TSL offers best-practice online delivery and will nurture an inspiring environment where learning can happen that otherwise does not take place in a work context filled with day-to-day pressures or in a conventional classroom setting.

Program details:

  • For senior public sector professionals, such as Directors and Branch Managers  
  • Eight half day sessions, delivered online
  • Begins 5 April 2022.

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