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Boil water notice to remain for Queenstown

A boil water notice remains in place for the majority of Queenstown and Frankton neighbourhoods after water services regulator, Taumata Arowai, served a compliance order on Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) for its Two Mile water treatment plant following a cryptosporidium outbreak.

Council Property and Infrastructure General Manager, Tony Avery said the notice would remain in place until further notice.

“We have already put in place the primary requirement of the compliance order, being the boil water notice,” Mr Avery said.

“The order means the boil water notice will stay in effect until Council is able to achieve the protozoa barrier required under the Drinking Water Quality Assurance Rules. Council has been and will continue to investigate with urgency how that will be achieved.”

The most important message for our community in those areas affected is that boiling water for at least one minute and good hand hygiene – washing with soap and drying well – is the best way to prevent infection by the protozoa, cryptosporidium.”

Mayor, Glyn Lewers said 18 cases of infection from the parasite had been confirmed.

“We will also be working closely with our tourism and hospitality partners, including Destination Queenstown and the Chamber of Commerce, to reassure domestic and international visitors. Whilst it’s clearly not business as usual, the simple step of boiling water and practicing good hygiene is effective protection against cryptosporidium,” said Mr Avery.

“To this end, Council’s Environmental Health team has contacted approximately 170 food operators – the majority in person. We have also today published a dedicated page on the Council website for individuals and businesses that includes frequently asked questions and downloadable resources as well as news and updates.”

Mr Avery said the source of the 18 cases confirmed so far by NPHS Southern, nor a link between them, had yet been identified.

“However, we recognise the potential for a Council-managed water supply to be the source. That is why we issued the boil water notice on Monday in line with advice from Taumata Arowai and NPHS Southern, and why we will be complying with the former’s compliance order,” he said.

Areas where people should boil water:

  • Queenstown town centre (north along Gorge Rd as far as and including Industrial Place);
  • Queenstown Hill;
  • Frankton Rd and suburbs on the hill above Frankton Rd;
  • Fernhill and Sunshine Bay;
  • Frankton including Five Mile, Remarkables Park and Glenda Dr;
  • Quail Rise and Tucker Beach Rd;
  • Kelvin Heights; and
  • Hanley’s Farm.

The notice applies to residential and commercial properties (including accommodation providers) that are connected to a public supply in the locations identified above.

Unaffected areas (no need to boil water):

  • Arrowtown;
  • Arthurs Point;
  • Lake Hayes Estate;
  • Shotover Country;
  • Upper Clutha; and
  • any properties on a private supply (e.g Jacks Point).

Boiling water kills any microorganisms that could be present. In the locations outlined above people are advised to boil all their drinking water for at least one minute (or use bottled water) for the following uses:

  • Drinking water – including cold beverages, ice-making and coffee machines.
  • Food preparation – including washing uncooked foods such as salad, vegetables, and fruit.
  • Preparing baby formula.
  • Washing food utensils.
  • Brushing teeth.
  • Pets.

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