Thursday, May 30, 2024

Cameras to catch illegal parking offenders

People parking illegally in Christchurch’s Oxford Terrace/Hereford Street area will soon find themselves caught on camera.

Christchurch City Council is installing closed circuit television cameras to monitor these spaces and to help Council identify those who are flouting the parking rules.

“This is a really busy part of town, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights when people are heading out to bars and restaurants,’’ says Council Transport Operations Manager, Steffan Thomas.

“With the high volumes of people we need to make sure that they can arrive and leave safely and recently we have had issues with people double parking or parking in the taxi and ride share spaces,” he said.

“We’ve also had problems with people parking in the shared zone on Oxford Terrace, which is a safety concern.

“For safety and fairness, we need to enforce the rules so we’re putting closed circuit television cameras in the area to monitor parking behaviour. If people do choose to park in the wrong space, it will be picked up by the cameras and they can expect to receive a ticket in the mail.”

Some daytime parking spaces on Hereford Street near Oxford Terrace become taxi or ride share parks in the evening to help people get close to their destination for either drop off or pick up.

“There are a number of parking buildings near the Oxford Terrace/Hereford Street area and lots of off-street parking so there is really no excuse for parking in the spaces that are set aside for taxis and ride shares or in the shared zone.”

“If you are heading into town and are uncertain about where to park, I recommend that you check out the carpark map on the Council’s website. It shows all the available parking and has real-time information about the availability of spaces in our parking buildings,” Mr Thomas said.

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