Thursday, June 13, 2024

Council monitor scene of Port of Napier boat sinking

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council is monitoring the scene of a partial sinking near the Port of Napier breakwater today.

Council says the 10.5m wooden recreational craft was struck by a submerged log near the breakwater and started to sink on Friday afternoon.
“The incident happened at approximately 3:30pm on Friday. The Port of Napier pilot boat, a Coast Guard vessel, and two recreational vessels arrived on the scene shortly after and rescued the four people onboard. None was injured,” Council said in a statement.

“The vessel had approximately 500 litres of diesel fuel onboard at the time of the incident.
“Friday evening, the partially submerged vessel was towed to the Port of Napier to be lifted out by a crane and transported to a nearby sailing club. The owner/insurance will cover all costs.”
A Council pollution control officer is on scene to monitor for and deal with any potential pollution issues.

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