Monday, July 15, 2024

Four arrested in Manawatu roads operation

Four arrests were made and 17 speeding infringements were issued overnight on Friday as Police focused on anti-social road users across Manawatu.

The operation took place between 6pm Friday and 4am Saturday.

Four people were arrested for driving while disqualified failing to stop, excessive breath alcohol, and endangering transport.

Between 1am and 4am, Police observed a fleeing driver in a stolen vehicle, who was later located and arrested at a nearby address.

Throughout the evening Police issued:

• 17 speeding infringements

• 11 WOF/registration infringements

• 2 Learner or Restricted driver license breaches

• 2 alcohol infringements

• Impounded 6 vehicles

• Issued 4 green stickers

• Issued 2 pink stickers

• Issued 1 blue sticker

• Encountered 5 suspended or disqualified drivers

Police say several patrons were blocking roadways, with officers and two dog handlers deployed and one person arrested for endangering transport.

“At 11pm the group began moving from their meeting point and broke into several lines of vehicles,” Police said in a statement.

“The majority of these people regrouped at the Kakariki Bridge near the Halcombe township. Police staff engaged with several drivers and only minor offending was detected.”

After less than an hour, the group were moved on and relocated to the Tiakatahuna Road/State Highway 56.

“Police acknowledge that this behaviour is incredibly frustrating for our community, in terms of the noise it generates, risk it poses, and the damage it causes.”

“We continue to encourage people to report this behaviour to Police at the time, and we will respond as appropriate, assessing the risk each situation presents.

“Police want to remind the public that if you are caught for this type of behaviour, as a driver or the registered owner of a vehicle, you will be held accountable.”

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