Monday, May 27, 2024

Kāpiti Coast showcases waste reduction

Two Kāpiti Coast District Council projects are showcasing how construction and demolition waste can be re-used and re-cycled.

The contractor working on the upgrade of the Ōtaki Civic Theatre and the Paraparaumu Memorial Hall is aiming to contribute to Council’s target under its Waste Management and Minimisation Plan to send 30% less waste to landfill by 2026.

Acting Group Manager Place & Space, Darryn Grant says both projects are sorting and recycling waste that would once have been destined for the dump.

“Contractors sort waste including timber, metal, concrete, cardboard, cable, hazardous and rubbish into a range of bins as it’s removed. Each container is then sent to the appropriate place for the next stage in its lifecycle,” said Mr Grant.

“The refurbishment of the Paraparaumu Memorial Hall included removing all external cladding weatherboards. We’re pleased to have been able to donate the timber to Zero Waste Ōtaki where it’ll be up-cycled and made available for others to use.

“Timber and good roofing iron from the Ōtaki Civic Theatre will also be donated to Zero Waste Ōtaki, and the balance of scrap metal will be recycled through a scrap metal dealer.”

As a result of the new Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2021, all construction projects over a certain value (to be determined) will be required to submit a waste management plan for each project, likely from 2023. The plan will describe how the contractor will minimise the amount of construction and demolition waste that goes to landfill.

As well as reducing waste, the pilot projects were also helping to identify what infrastructure will be needed in Kāpiti to support the effective reduction of construction waste, Mr Grant said.

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