Monday, June 24, 2024

New tech drums up improvements for Far North wastewater

New technology to help prevent sewage systems clogging up and possibly create wastewater spills is being introduced by Far North Waters Alliance at the council’s Kaikohe, Rāwene, and Kaitāia wastewater treatment plants.

Hydroflux New Zealand is supplying and installing Huber RoFAS (Rotating Fine Acceptance Screen) technology that will save council contractors from physically removing unwanted items flushed down toilets that can lead to wastewater spills in urban or marine environments.

RoFAS is a rotating heavy-duty drum that screens the septage (material removed from septic tanks) delivered by tankers to wastewater treatment plants for processing. The drum, which has up to 60 kilolitres per hour (60kl/h) of capacity, removes clogs and other unwanted material, an unpleasant job that until now has been carried out by council contractors.

The technology’s control system includes a keypad or swipe card so contractors can efficiently discharge loads while monitoring volumes through its data management software.

Far North Waters Alliance is a collaboration between Far North District Council and Ventia for the operation, maintenance, and minor capital works of the council’s three waters assets (drinking, waste, and urban reticulation stormwater).

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