Thursday, June 13, 2024

Why powering your govt agency with the Content Cloud is the way forward

Across government, all departments rely on new technology to provide services that meet evolving expectations of citizens and businesses.

From administration and operations to public/legal affairs, finance, acquisition, and HR, tight budgets and increasingly complex security challenges mean you need smarter workflows, productivity, and interagency collaboration across teams.

Technology is supposed to make everything easier. But agencies racing to keep up with growing amounts of data are using a patchwork of legacy systems and modern tools.

It’s an honest attempt to strike the balance between rising external stakeholder expectations and familiar ways to work, but these methods fail to adapt to change — and end up creating information silos across an organisation.

The result: sheer complexity at a time when simplicity is needed most. With projects becoming more collaborative and often more chaotic, your agency needs a content platform that keeps up with the speed of work today. You need to support the evolving way work gets done while improving the experience of citizens and stakeholders. That’s why every part of your agency must rethink how it operates digitally.

In public service, unstructured content comes with the territory and requires stakeholders inside and outside your agency to create, review, manage and approve documentation.

From core functions like case management and emergency response, to transactions, protecting citizens, and addressing stakeholder needs, all processes depend on secure collaboration across your ecosystem.

Traditional IT architectures, often built using unsecured consumer tools, lead to silos of information across systems and departments and challenges in meeting security and privacy regulations. In addition, agencies run into issues when collaborating across stakeholder groups on vital records, such as contracts, employment records, evidence, and case files.

That’s where Box comes in. We give you a single content platform for secure content management, workflow, and collaboration. It’s called cloud content management (CCM) – and it’s built for the way your agency works today.

Rethink work across every department

Cloud content management comes to life in every line of business, driving efficiency around the key workflows teams engage in every day. Our customers are applying this approach across entire organisations and have seen incredible results.

Box solves many of the challenges the public sector faces when it comes to unstructured content and data, by:

– Centralising content on a single, secure platform gives the public sector the ability
to ensure the highest level of government security and privacy compliance.
– A common work environment allows for automation across stakeholder groups
and agency boundaries, reducing end-user friction and IT overhead.
– A centralised platform allows for integration across all technology applications.

This enables limitless productivity and collaboration in common tools like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Teams and more.

When you use Box as a single content platform for all your agency needs, collaboration gets easier. Work happens faster. Your content is more secure. And your teams and external partners get more done.

As we’ve partnered with leaders at the world’s most innovative government agencies and organisations, we’ve observed how CCM helps companies simplify how they work.

This ebook will take you through that journey, showing what Box Content Cloud Management can do for you.

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