Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Christchurch rubbish bins get smart

Christchurch City Council will roll out 55 new ‘smart’ bins across the city this summer as part of its bin rationalisation programme.

The smart bins have sensor technology which provides Council’s maintenance contractor with daily data on how full each bin is.

“We only have to send out staff to empty the bins when required, rather than having to manually check each one, saving time and money,” says Council Acting Head of Parks, Al Hardy.

“We also don’t need as many bins in our parks, as the capacity of each smart bin is six times larger than an old-style bin.”

Busy community parks, such as those used for sport, and open spaces like beach fronts are being prioritised for new smart bins.

“Smart bins are covered and more secure than old-style bins. The design means birds and animals can’t get to the rubbish, and it doesn’t get blown about by the wind either,” says Mr Hardy.

He says the community can also do their bit to help keep public places tidy.

“We need everyone to pitch in and help keep our community spaces clean and enjoyable for all. If you can’t find a bin, please take any rubbish home with you and put it in the appropriate kerbside collection wheelie bin, so it is sent to the right place for processing.

“This system works really well in regional and national parks,” says Mr Hardy.

The new smart bin installation will start in December and wrap up in early 2024.

Once the entire programme has been rolled out, Council says the amount of rubbish being collected from the city’s parks will be reduced by 25% and will save ratepayers $300,000 annually in maintenance costs.

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