Sunday, May 19, 2024

Queensland Police recruitment skyrockets


A raft of new incentives, including $20,000 to pay off university Higher Education Contribution (HECs) study debts have skyrocketed the Queensland Police Service’s recruitment applications by over 200% since this time last year.

With over 2,000 applicants currently in the recruitment pipeline, the Service says it is seeing a record-breaking number of applicants, following the roll-out of the largest recruitment campaign in QPS history, Challenging, Rewarding, Policing.

Applicants have more than doubled since this time last year, with recruitment intakes for 2024 filling up fast in both the Brisbane and Townsville police academies.

University graduates seeking a challenging and rewarding career are being urged to consider a role in policing, as 400 successful applicants will receive up to $20,000 paid off their HECS debt for degrees in criminology, social work, counselling or other relevant human services upon graduating from the Academy.

Applicants who hold a tertiary degree may also be exempt from sitting the QPS Entrance Assessment.

With no application fees, free accommodation for recruits living at police academies, and an additional $183 fortnightly cost of living allowance, recruits also receive a boosted training salary of approximately AU$53,700 per annum.

Queensland PoliceMinister, Mark Ryan said the incentives to attract new recruits are skyrocketing the Queensland Police Service recruiting efforts.

“There are 20,000 reasons for university graduates with specified degrees to consider a career with the Queensland Police Service,” he said.

“We are putting the call out to everyone who has a relevant degree to consider a challenging and rewarding career with the Queensland Police Service.”

Acting Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said there have been 215 recruits graduate from the Queensland Police Academy so far this year.

“It is incentives just like this that are delivering the right kind of applicants into the service,” he said.

“The record-breaking number of applications is a testament to the great incentives, combined with the assurance of a fulfilling career as a Queensland Police Service officer.

“Protecting our state is an important role, so recruiting people with the right skills, aptitude and attitude is critical and expected by the community.”

Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Kevin Guteridge said since the announcement of the new incentives, there have been the highest number of recruits in training in the Brisbane and Townsville police academies.

“Anyone with relevant degrees in criminology, social work, counselling or other relevant human services is encouraged to apply to the QPS, with eligible applicants receiving $20,000 paid off their HECS debt,” he said.

“A career in policing is a career like no other, and the incentives currently available to applicants will no doubt make the transition into policing easier.

“I encourage anyone considering a career with QPS to head to to learn more about our incentives, and to kickstart their Policing career.”

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